Many of the products we use everyday can be harmful to people and animals, and their manufacture, use and disposal make pollution problems worse. Clean Water Fund is concerned about the immediate and long term effects of toxic pollution. The Home-SAFE-Home program is designed to help you, as a consumer, protect your health and reduce pollution.

Daily Actions have a Global Impact

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Toxics Release Inventory, industries released 7.3 billion pounds of toxic pollution into the air, land and water in 1998. EPA also estimates that in 1998, each person in the United States generated 4.5 pounds of solid waste (trash) per day for a yearly total of 220 million tons.

The production of hazardous materials or waste is an unfair burden on communities where chemical manufacturers, petroleum refineries and other large hazardous waste generators are located, and some of this pollution travels around the globe and affects all of us. Smaller hazardous waste generators can be found in most communities: dry cleaners, auto repair shops, pest exterminators and photo processing centers.

Much of the pollution from hazardous waste and trash can be linked to consumption. The production of convenience items, disposables, quick-fix household products, batteries, non-biodegradable packaging and other products cause pollution of our air, soil, and water. Disposal of these items contributes to pollution from landfills and garbage incinerators, and costs our communities money.

Thousands of chemicals are contained in various household products and new chemicals appear every year - many without any testing for health effects. Pesticides, cleaners and a host of other products may offer instant results, but many present health threats and leave their mark on the environment for hundreds of years.

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Thanks For Doing Your Part!

Clean Water Fund & Clean Water Action work to increase public understanding of environmental issues and promote creative, workable solutions. With offices around the country, we provide citizen education and environmental action at the local, state and national levels. We have a Preventing Harm program that helps people decrease chemical exposure in babies and children. Please help us spread the word by contacting us or inquiring about presentations. When more people become Everyday Environmentalists, we will make our environment safer for current and future generations.

Home-SAFE-Home Guide

Our Home-SAFE-Home Guide lists information about various household products, arranged by a common area of the home (see below) where they are used. The guide identifies some toxic ingredients, potential health risks and alternative solutions for you to consider. Safer substitutes that are often simpler exist, as do increasing numbers of products featuring natural or non-synthetic chemical ingredients (found in many grocery and health food stores, co-ops and catalogues). We urge you to use less polluting alternatives - you can keep your family healthier while helping the environment and using your buying power to support responsible companies.

The suggestions in the Home-Safe-Home Guide are meant to offer alternatives to practices that harm our health and/or the environment. Use or application of the suggested alternatives may need to be varied in individual circumstances. If necessary, consult with a professional. These suggestions are not a substitute for common sense; please take any necessary precautions prior to use. Products that are natural or "nontoxic" may be irritating to certain individuals. Some methods may require a test application prior to use.

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